Sunday, June 14, 2009

GIGABEAT/ELECTRICO The Man Can't Hold Us Down comp...

GIGABEAT/ELECTRICO The Man Can't Hold Us Down comp...

With this compilation GIGABEAT begins its partnership with ELECTRICO. Their first compilation includes some previously release favorites and remixes all on one comp in case you missed them and also some never before available classics. With remix work from Viro & Rob Analyze, Autonomous Bassheads, St Marc & Pantoja this one is surely bringing the heat.


Slip187-PeachSchnapps (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)
Slip187-8BitGirlsLoveBass (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)
DataBass-Breathe (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)
Slip187 feat MCR-GetDown (GENRE: Breaks)
Eartight-EartightElectro (GENRE: Electro House)
Eartight-EartightElectro(Slip187 Canastilla Cubana Remix)(GENRE: Electro /Breaks)
DataBass-Beatbox (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)
DataBass-Some Shit (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)
Eartight-TheFinger (GENRE: House)
Slip187-AlbinoShapeshiftingLizardBitches (GENRE: Breaks)
Slip187 & Synapse-Jell-O(MakesTheGirlsWiggle) (GENRE: Minimal Techno / Breaks)
Eartight-ElectroHa: (GENRE: Electro House)
Slip187-ANightInHeavenWithJoePena (GENRE: Tech house)
Slip187-ANightInHeavenWithJoePena(St.Marc Remix)(GENRE: Minimal Techno)
Slip187-ANightInHeavenWithJoePena(ABH Remix) (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)
Slip187-ANightInHeavenWithJoePena(Pantoja's Bathroom Bandit Remix) (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)
RobinSteel&Ready45-2099(Viro&RobAnalyze Remix) (GENRE: Fidget)
DataBass-Bass Keeps Pumpin (GENRE: Electro / Breaks)

Release Date
June 10, 2009 (OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Trackitdown (featured release this month),
Masterbeat (featured release this month),
and tons more!

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